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Une conférence à venir dans le cadre de SaITE 2016



Sanchez, E., Mandran, N., Emin Martinez, V., Fontanieu, V., & Emin, C. (2016). Characterizing the Players' Strategies and their Evolution: A Case Study Based on Learning Analytics. Paper presented at the SaITE 2016, Guimares, Pt.

Abstract. This paper presents an empirical work dedicated to the analysis of players’ strategies. 242 pre-service teachers participated to a game session with Tamagocours, an online and multiplayer tamagochi dedicated to learn the legal rules that apply for the use of digital resources within an educational context. The study is based on the collection and analysis of players digital traces automatically collected (learning analytics). We carry out a factor analysis which enables for the identification and characterization of different classes of players depending on the strategies that they develop for playing. We also describe the evolution of the different classes during the game session. The results show mixed consequences with positive and negative evolutions in terms of learning potential.

Keywords. Learning Game, Players Strategies, Tamagocours, Learning Analytics


Des jeux numériques dans la classe ? Est-ce bien sérieux ?

Sanchez, E. (2016). Des jeux numériques dans la classe ? Est-ce bien sérieux ? Conférence invitée dans le cadre du cycle de conférences de la Direction Académique au Numérique Éducatif de l'Académie de Versailles, Marly-le-Roi (31 mars 2016).

Vidéo d'une conférence donnée dans le cadre du cycle de conférence de la DANE versailles.


Nouvelle publication pour Education and Information Technologies

Sanchez, E, Young, S, & Jouneau-Sion , C. (2016). Classcraft: from gamification to ludicization. Education and Information Technologies. 1-17