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When games meet learning


New publication about Game-based Learning

Sanchez, E. (2011). When games meet learning. IIGWE,  2011, Mombasa, Kenya.

In a context characterized by a growing gap between youth digital culture and school culture some have claimed that games could "have the potential to change the landscape of education" (Shaffer, Squire, Halverson, & Gee, 2005). This paper examines the arguments and objections to using games for educational purposes. Firstly, we state that making a connection between gaming and learning is not an innovative idea, as early researchers demonstrated the potential of games in child development. Secondly, we establish arguments to consider serious games as learning environments, (or didactical situations) prior to artifacts, Thirdly, in view of the fact that the content of games can be considered as metaphors of real situations, we stipulate that teachers may address the question of the relevance of this content. Fourthly, we discuss the main arguments usually emphasized by researchers to consider that games have the power to motivate students, Fifthly, we state that games can be considered as a space of reflexivity where the learner/player is autonomous and develops skills. However, we emphasize the crucial role of the teacher in a Game-Based Learning approach.

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